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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheat engine gold/z token hack

Hey guys,
This is the most important piece of hacking equipment you'll need for hacking aq!

This is the gold and z token hack :)

This is the link to download cheat engine 5.6.1:

This is the link for aq:

1. Open up cheat engine and Internet Explorer (this only works on Internet Explorer).
2. Open up your aq account and login.
3. At the top of your cheat engine there should be a flashing computer. Click on it.
4. Scroll down until you find a option that's says Internet Explorer. Click on it.
5. On aq go into yuglars inn and find out how much gold or z tokens you gave  and get a calculator.
6. You should see your gold/z tokens. Get your calculator and times it by 8.
7. Enter the number into the bar on cheat engine that says HEX.
8. Then click first scan. Select all the addresses (numbers) that come up.
9. They should come down in a big bar at the bottom. Select all the numbers again.
10. Right click and click CHANGE VALUE. Change the VALUE to 99999999
11. Freeze all the addresses. Click on the box beside them.
12. Now go back to aq and and have another look.. Your gold/z tokens will have hot 9999+

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